3 cognitive biases perpetuating racism at work - and how to overcome them

Date Published: 8/19/2020

Author(s): Adwoa Bagalini

Resource Link: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/08/cognitive-bias-unconscious-racism-moral-licensing

Summary: "Change systems not individuals." This notion is the primary take away from this piece by Adwoa Bagalini who draws attention to common cognitive biases that occur in the work place. Each cognitive bias is dissected to encourage introspection, allowing the reader to better understand the nature of their thoughts. Bagalini examines how to refocus our attention and challenge these biases on a larger scale by exploring how to make changes as a system rather than as an individual.

Take Action!

Explore whether/how your workplace addresses cognitive biases. What steps are being or could be taken to create, evaluate and audit programs to mitigate these biases?