Befriending Becky: On The Imperative Of Intersectional Solidarity

Date Published: 2/10/2017

Author(s): DiDi Delgado

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Summary: The author challenges readers - particularly white women - to reflect on the idea that when advocating for others, we often don’t know what we’re talking about, as we can only definitely speak on our own experiences. In order to achieve universal liberation, we must learn to navigate that space, a space which the author has noticed that many white women in particular tend to avoid. The author invites readers to learn from her own experiences attempting to advocate for others and for universal liberation, acknowledging mistakes she has made in the past as well. She explores the ideas of maintaining a growth mindset, having diversity from the top, and love, reminding us that those with love in their hearts tend to make the most positive impact.

Take Action!

Reflect on the author's three insights she considers when partaking in liberation work. What is one idea that comes from those that you can commit to, short- or long-term?