Can We Talk About Whiteness?

Date Published: 5/31/2016

Author(s): Gene Demby, Shereen Marisol Meraji

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Summary: This podcast explores whiteness from different perspectives: a college student, college professors, etc. There is a call to action to understand your own whiteness and priviledge first in actionable ways. There are examples of how conversations about whiteness can be started as well as the difference in those discussion with or without BIPOC people in the room.

Take Action!

If you are just beginnging your anti racism journey, seek to understand your own white privilege by educating yourself more about this topic. You can find resources about this topic under our tag "whiteness and white supremacy". If you are farther along in your anti racism journey, seek to take action by: 1) engaging in DSURJ's work; 2) considering making direct reparations here (see more information at: ); 3) support black owned businesses (see a list at: ). Whether you are beginning or continuing your anti racism journey, subscribe to Code Switch for more reporting on issues of race.