Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents

Date Published: 8/4/2020

Author(s): Isabel Wilkerson

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Summary: Isabel Wilkerson applies the notion of castes to the United States and shows that this power-based hierarchy is the invisible source of the human ranking that keep us divided. In addition to the US, she also looks at the history of the hierarchy of India and Nazi Germany. This book allows us to understand the artificial construct of power in the US and its devastating effects on Americans (beyond race, class or gender).

Take Action!

Now that you understand your place in the caste hierarchy of the US, what can you do to counter the negative effects of your position, if it is a position of power in this caste system? If you are going to buy a copy of the book, consider buying from a blackowned bookstore. Two blackowned bookstores in Denver: MATTER and Capitol Hill Books.