White Supremacy Culture, From Dismantling Racism: A Workbook for Social Change Groups

Date Published: 1/1/2001

Author(s): Kenneth Jones, Tema Okun

Resource Link: http://www.cwsworkshop.org/PARC_site_B/dr-culture.html

Summary: One of the purposes of listing characteristics of white supremacy culture is to point out how organizations which unconsciously use these characteristics as their norms and standards make it difficult, if not impossible, to open the door to other cultural norms and standards. As a result, many of our organizations, while saying we want to be multicultural, really only allow other people and cultures to come in if they adapt or conform to already existing cultural norms. Being able to identify and name the cultural norms and standards you want is a first step to making room for a truly multicultural organization. This resource lists the characteristics and offers "antidotes" for each of them.

Take Action!

First, identify some of the characteristics presented and champion the use of the antidotes in your organization. Second, take a look at the full workbook by going to: https://resourcegeneration.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/2016-dRworks-workbook.pdf OR https://www.dismantlingracism.org/. Third, look into a local workshop on dismantling white supremacy (DSURJ's Educational Team sometimes hosts these - check our website or check out: https://www.dismantlingracism.org/about-drworks.html)