Our Liberation is Bound Together

Date Published: 6/1/2020

Author(s): Dr. Nicole Evans, Faybra Hemphill, Daisy Han, and Katie Kitchens

Resource Link: https://embracingequity.org/blog/2020/5/31/our-liberation-is-bound-togethernbsp

Summary: An exploration of how non-Black People of Color (POC) and white people can radically collaborate to dismantle anti-Blackness. The article has three parts: Part 1 is written for everyone, Part 2 is written for non-Black POC, and Part Three is written for white people. Part 1 is authored by a Black woman and details the tired cycle in which non-Black POC and white people only look for Black leadership in times of emergency. Part Two is authored by an Asian American woman and delves into the ways anti-Blackness manifests itself in non-Black POC communities and how those communities have been taught to coddle white fragility. Parts 1 and 2 list specific antiracist actions. Part 3 is authored by a white person and discusses how white people spend their energy trying to publically separate themselves from racist acts ("I could never do that!") and how this prevents them from addressing shame and guilt and transforming that into action. Part 3 provided resources and questions for reflection.

Take Action!

Use the reflection questions in Part 3 to start creating your own antiracist action plan. As part of that action plan, commit to at least one of the suggestions from either Part 1 or Part 2 of the article.