Our Time is Now

Date Published: 6/8/2020

Author(s): Stacey Abrams

Resource Link: This is a book

Summary: This book dives into the various faces of democracy in the US, with a particular focus on the State of Georgia. Abrams examines the extreme voter suppression in disenfranchised populations and explains the work she and others have been doing to give a voice to these groups of mostly Black, Brown and poor people. She also describes the systematic outrages these people face in order to be able to cast their vote. Not everyone has access to democracy equally in this country, and for some democracy simply doesn't exist.

Take Action!

Research who can and cannot vote in your state and call your representative. Learn about deep canvassing and volunteer with an organization that does this. Also consider buying a copy of the book from a local black owned book store (In Denver: Matter or Capitol Hill Books).