Reparations Now Toolkit

Date Published: 1/1/2019

Author(s): Andrea Ritchie, Deirdre Smith, Janetta Johnson, Jumoke Ifetayo, Marbre Stahly-Butts, Mariame Kaba, Montague Simmons, Nkechi Taifa, Rachel Herzing, Richard Wallace, and Taliba Obuya

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Summary: An introductory page in this toolkit writes a brief summary: "This toolkit is meant to support individuals, organizations, and communities to better understand what reparations are and how Black people in the United States can get them. It consists of a combination of narrative, images, interactive group exercises, and other resources. The toolkit can be used by individuals interested in learning more about reparations, in organizing or educational settings, including trainings and classroom lessons, or as part of community meetings."

Take Action!

Use the toolkit in any group setting as an educational tool, with the ultimate goal to take action in bringing about reparations for Black people in the US. If you want to learn more about the case for reparations, check out more resources under our tag "reparations and divestment". There is currently a bill that has been introduced in the US House of Representatives (H.R. 40) that proposes forming a commission to study and develop reparation proposals. As of this writing, this bill is still being reviewed in committee. Write or call your representative and ask them to support this bill (you can use this website if you need support with contacting your representative: Consider making direct reparations (see more information at: