Stop Funding Systemic Racism. This List Can Help.

Date Published: 6/5/2020

Author(s): Robasciotti and Philipson

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Summary: This list of companies was created and published by a Black-owned investment firm called Robasciotti and Philipson: it contains a list of companies that are excluded from their Social Justice Protfolios due to the companies' policies that exacerbate racial inequality. The list contains the name of the companies, the data source, and reason for exclusion. Reasons for exclusion include: Private Prison Involvement, Money Bail Involvement, Surveillance, Immigrant Detention, For-Profit Colleges, and Occupied Territories (including the West Bank). This is a great place to start learning at a high level about divestment and a resource for checking your financial involvement.

Take Action!

Divest your finances away from the companies listed and share this list with others.