The case for reparations for Black Americans

Date Published: 5/12/2020

Author(s): Rashawn Ray, Andre M. Perry, Fred Dews

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Summary: Host Fred Dews interviews authors Ray and Perry about their paper on why reparations for black Americans are necessary. Ray and Perry present their arguments for reparations, discussing how the American government needs to pay for the losses caused by slavery and the losses perpetuated throughout history by antiblack policies. While some groups such as Japenese Americans and Native Americans have been offered reparations in some form, black Americans still have not. In fact, the US government has failed to capatlize on many opportunities throughout history to make amends for slavery, such as with Field Order 15, the GI Bill, and even the recent COVID bailouts. Ray and Perry also counter many of the common arguments against reparations. The original article can also be found through the SURJ resources page (search for Why We Need Reparations for Black Americans).

Take Action!

Search the internet to research the H.R. 40 bill that aims to create a commission to examine the merits of introducing reparations for slavery in the US. Discuss the bill and reparations with a friend or family member to normalize conversations around reparations.