We don't get to say "This isn't us"

Date Published: 1/7/2021

Author(s): Garrett Bucks

Resource Link: https://thewhitepages.substack.com/p/we-dont-get-to-say-this-isnt-us

Summary: The attempted takeover of the Capitol was only the latest manifestation of white people becoming angry when things don't go their way, and we shouldn't focus on trying to change the minds of those who participated. Instead the question to ask is, "“how should we act if we, ourselves, are the hostage-takers?” The author suggests looking for the white 'terrorists' within our own community - from the school board to the zoning board to the white fraternal order of police. Take action at the local level to create changes that have impact.

Take Action!

Look for community-based organizations working at the local level on issues that matter to you - housing, education, policing, etc. - and become involved. For example: DSURJ, your local city council, your local school board, etc.