When black people are in pain, white people just join book clubs

Date Published: 6/11/2020

Author(s): Tre Johnson

Resource Link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/outlook/white-antiracist-allyship-book-clubs/2020/06/11/9edcc766-abf5-11ea-94d2-d7bc43b26bf9_story.html

Summary: A call to action for white people to do deeper self-examination and examination of the systems they are complicit in and engage in the work of dismantling those systems. The author shares past experiences as paralleled to those of his white friends and acquaintances, examining “well-meaning” white people’s common response cycle every time Black pain or death is widely publicized, which often includes self-education, joining book clubs (which inevitably end), and temporarily sharing information on social media. The author then explores suggestions and some ideas of ways in which white people can actively avoid falling into that cycle and instead truly engage in racial justice work.

Take Action!

Research on the systems you are a part of that may reinforce racism and white supremacy in any way - at work, in your neighborhood, within your social networks, etc. Listen particularly to anything BIPOC within that network or BIPOC organizations point out as issues. Can you find an accountability partner within your network who is willing to discuss and invest in that change, or is already working towards it? Take the next step to get involved.