White Fragility and the Question of Trust

Date Published: 1/14/2020

Author(s): Robin DiAngelo

Resource Link: https://goodmenproject.medium.com/white-fragility-and-the-question-of-trust-3fa1fc2be3a5

Summary: The author challenges the common practice of setting “ground rules” for difficult discussions, and shares how they disallow for honest discourse about racism and how they are rooted in white fragility. White people need to be willing to listen to and reflect on feedback about their racist patterns. Stopping our racist patterns is more important than working to convince others that we don’t have them.

Take Action!

Reflect on why you feel the need to set ground roles before having conversations about race. When you receive feedback about your own racist patterns and behaviors, move beyond the good/bad binary and fear of 'seeming racist' and instead commit to interrupting those behaviors.