White People: I Don’t Want You To Understand Me Better, I Want You To Understand Yourselves

Date Published: 2/7/2017

Author(s): Ijeoma Oluo

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Resource Link: https://medium.com/the-establishment/white-people-i-dont-want-you-to-understand-me-better-i-want-you-to-understand-yourselves-a6fbedd42ddf

Summary: An appeal to white people to understand white culture - the dominant U.S. culture - and how it functions to keep white supremacy in place, particularly in how it depends on white people’s ignorance about its existence in order to do so. The author provides personal examples of how Black, Indigenous, People of Color are forced throughout the course of their lives to understand and fit into white culture, while white people are taught not to see or be able to articulate anything about white culture. She urges white people to self evaluate and dissect white culture in order to understand the harm it continues to perpetuate, and to move away from and dismantling that harm.

Take Action!

Reflect on the author's examples and experiences of white culture. How do you see white culture manifest in your daily life? What would you like white culture to look like instead? Look for a local group(s) working towards one of the changes you imagine and engage (follow, promote, join, donate, etc.).